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Guitar Tab not using 6th string

From: Tom Gendai
Subject: Guitar Tab not using 6th string
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2007 08:12:43 +0200


Sorry if someone has posted about this before but I couldn't find any useful information via Google etc.

My problem is this. I'm transcribing pieces of music from piano to guitar to be played as duets. As one of the players is a beginner and learning to read music has been sort of an issue I'm using tab as extra help for that players parts.

Using Ubuntu 7.04 everything worked (lilypond version 2.10.5) but since upgrading to Ubuntu 7.10 and lilypond 2.10.25 it won't put any notes on the 6:th string and I get an error.

Here is a test script:

\version "2.10.33"

\new TabStaff {
        e' b g d a, e,

And here is my output:

$ lilypond test
GNU LilyPond 2.10.33
Processing `test'
Interpreting music...
test:4:20: warning: could not calculate a string number.
        e' b g d a,
Preprocessing graphical objects...
Layout output to `'...
Converting to `test.pdf'...

I found a post some where by someone having the same problem in 2.10.25 and that person was told to upgrade to a later version so this morning I did an upgrade to 2.10.33 but alas, it's the same.

Any ideas?


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