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Re: ReheasalMark in Staff context is broken - sponsorship of fix?

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: ReheasalMark in Staff context is broken - sponsorship of fix?
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 13:21:48 +0200
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Did you try my fix, to move the Break_align_engraver to the Staff context?
 \layout {

   \context {
      \consists "Mark_engraver"
      \consists "Break_align_engraver"
   \context { \Score
      \remove "Mark_engraver"
      \remove "Break_align_engraver"

I have tried it on a couple of examples and cannot see that it introduces any
other problems.


Adam James Wilson wrote:
Hi Mats et al,

(RE: this bug:

Moving Break_align_engraver to the Staff context works to get the
correct alignment of RehearsalMarks, but the side effect is that if
there is a mid-system Clef change in one Staff and not another, you
get a broken system barline - the Clef pushes aside the bar in its
Staff only, because a multiple-staff "column" is not created when the
engraver is removed from the Score context.

I tried a workaround of putting "hidden" clefs in the other staves to
pad them, but this seems impossible - making a Clef transparent or
"breaking" its visibility is equal to removing its width.

Unless you know another workaround, it seems the best to just get a
fix in place for the problem.

I'm willing to sponsor a fix to this bug; the idea is to be able to 1)
duplicate the default behavior of a Score-living RehearsalMark when it
is moved to the Staff context (at the beginning of a system it should
align to the clef, and then align to staff bars for the rest of the
system), and 2) to be able to explicitly modify the break-align symbol
for the Clef in each Staff at any position in the score.

On 10/19/07, Mats Bengtsson <address@hidden> wrote:
The bug has already been reported, see

In your simple example, it helps to move also the Break_align_engraver
from the Score to the Staff context, but I have no idea if such an operation
will work well also for multi-stave scores or if something else will break.


Adam James Wilson wrote:
There is a  problem when moving the RehearsalMark to the Staff
context.  In the case where the RehearsalMark remains in the Score
context (comment out the layout block below), the first RehearsalMark
aligns to a Clef and the rest align to staff-bars.  This is the
correct behavior.

But if you move the RehearsalMark to the Staff context (retain the
layour block below), the opposite (and incorrect) behavior occurs: the
first RehearsalMark aligns to a staff-bar and the rest seem to align
to Clefs.

\version "2.11.34"

\layout {
      \context { \Score
              \remove "Mark_engraver"
      \context { \Staff
              \consists "Mark_engraver"

\new Staff {

  \bar "|"
  \mark \default
  \clef bass
  c'4 c'4

  \bar "|"
  \mark \default
  \clef treble
  c'4 c'4


Should this be filed as a bug?


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