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Re: GDP: the snippets vs. texinfo

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: GDP: the snippets vs. texinfo
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2007 07:21:28 -0800
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Eyolf Østrem wrote:
The entire chapter needs to be done before the end
 of 2007.
Well, if what you say below is the goal, that on the whole the docs should
not change after the GDP, I'd say there is no need to rush it, especially
if there are so few people to do the work.

Two phases: before 2007, get GDP "no worse" than the 2.11 docs. That means somebody spending a week looking at each section in NR 1 and cleaning up the worst TODO / FIXMEs.

After 2007, if anybody is still interested, we'll try go bring GDP from "not worse than" to "significantly better than". Or perhaps even "perfect". :)

 Now do you see why I keep on saying "we can't do X"?  :(

Of course. As long as it doesn't turn into a "We can't do X, so we won't
even consider it, not even if it would make Y -- which we can and must do
-- easier."


 Important tweaks in LSR are moved into the docs by giving them a "docs" tag.

but that will only include them in the snippet part of the docs, right?
This may of course be enough in many cases, but there are some snippets
which are central enough to merit inclusion in the main text as well. The
snippet Adding an extra staff (
IMHO should be included directly, and Adding beams, slurs, ties, etc.
( is even *formulated* in a
Documentation way, as an extension to what is already in there, rather than
an additional piece of information. Those two could go almost straight in.

First, THANK YOU!!! for bringing up specific examples. Especially in this case, since I was thought you were talking about a totally different kind of snippet.

Second, yes I totally agree; these kinds of snippets should be in the main docs. In fact, 321 is already verbatim in LM 3.3.1. 110 doesn't appear anywhere, but I'm adding it to LM 3 right now.

eyolf (who will now stop spending time writing list mail and instead do
some volunteer work...)


- Graham

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