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Re: GDP: preferred terms

From: Palmer, Ralph
Subject: Re: GDP: preferred terms
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 08:55:38 -0500

Greetings -


Graham wrote:

- "bar" vs. "measure".  Whenever possible, we use the same term as the
internal lilypond syntax uses... but I've seen both bars and measures in
those docs.  Should we just leave this up to individual doc writers, or
pick one word?

- "barline" vs. "bar line".  I believe that the lilypond syntax is
"barline", but that could just be because we can't have spaces in
property names.


My preference would be to use "measure" and ["barline" or "bar line"].
That is, I think "bar" is sometimes used as a synonym for "barline";
therefore, staying consistently with "measure" for the unit of music and
"barline" (or "bar line", I don't care) for the symbol delimiting a
measure, might help achieve clarity.

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