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Re: again: extra accidental-style

From: Stefan Thomas
Subject: Re: again: extra accidental-style
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2008 17:16:48 +0100

Dear Rune,
could You be so kind to tell me, what this "dev/rune from git" means?
At the moment, I don't understand the meaning of it.
Rune Zedeler schrieb am 01.01.2008:
>Citat Stefan Thomas <address@hidden>:
>> I've read Your messagea concerning the new accidental style and I
>> must say, this is exactly what I'm searching for. Could this
>> be solved? Or have You found another solution for Yourself?
>We are working on a solution.
>It will hopefully (and probably) appear in 2.12.
>If you know how to build lilypond yourself, you can check out
>dev/rune from git,
>- a temporary (but fully working) version.
>Added accidental-styles 'neo-modern and 'neo-modern-cautionary.

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