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Re: combining little complete pieces in one "book"?

From: Ole Schmidt
Subject: Re: combining little complete pieces in one "book"?
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2008 16:04:53 +0100

oops, I just posted again about this problem

it works perfect as you described it...

I had a vague memory that the \book command exists and read the manual again only to see how to use the command and not if I have to use it to achive my goal...

What is still unclear to me- There are \headers { } in my .ly files that I want to combine. A quick test whith 
\include ""
\include ""

only show the header from the second file. Do I have to erase all the \headers in my files that I whish to combine and use \markups in the meta-file (or can I use a \header inside a \markup)? Or is there only one \header whatsoever?

thanks for your patience


Am 02.01.2008 um 15:26 schrieb Mats Bengtsson:

As long as you only want a single output PDF file, there's
no need for a \book command. Just make a .ly file which
looks like:

\include ""
\include ""
% ...

Is there still information in the manual that gives you the
impression that you need \book in these circumstances?
I recall that I tried hard to reformulate all those passages
in the manual, some half a year ago.


Ole Schmidt wrote:

Dear list,

Is it possible to create one file/pdf out of many little files who  look like below with the
 \include command? (Having all the titles included...)
using the\book { } command...?
I can produce only lots of error warnings...

thanks for a hint


\header {
    title = "bla"

staffClarinet = \new Staff  {
blablabla       }
staffTrumpet = \new Staff  {
\score {
\layout  {
        \context { \Score
    \remove "Bar_number_engraver" }


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