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Re: position whole measure rest

From: Damian Legassick
Subject: Re: position whole measure rest
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 12:56:04 +0000

this also occurs if you \include individual parts into a short-score

in this scenario either the note-name-rest or the staff-position- tweak would not work as it would give an incorrect rest placement in the part concerned

any clues?



On 9 Jan 2008, at 12:41, Wilbert Berendsen wrote:

Op woensdag 9 januari 2008, schreef Wilbert Berendsen:
Hello, I know that I can position a rest vertically using e.g. d'1 \rest .

But how can I alter the vertical position of a whole-measure rest (R1)? I want it to move outside the staff, so it should also get a ledger line.

\relative c' <<
        { e2 e4 a } \\
        { R1 }

The R1 is drawn too close to the notes.

Two people replied with
\once \override MultiMeasureRest #'staff-position =#-7

it works! Thanks!

Met vriendelijke groet,
Wilbert Berendsen

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        -- Mahatma Gandi

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