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Re: Copyright symbol

From: Father Gordon Gilbert
Subject: Re: Copyright symbol
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 22:23:06 -0500

Valentin, you are a genius!  2.11.37 managed to print the proper copyright symbol (the c within a circle) instead of the makeshift one (c), so now I'm completely happy!

Thanks again,


On 16/01/2008, Valentin Villenave <address@hidden> wrote:
2008/1/16, Father Gordon Gilbert <address@hidden>:

> Copyright symbol goes in the \header section.  Currently, I have (c) in its
> place -- I would rather have (c) -- esthetics only.

The following line works here.

    copyright = "words: Public Domain; Music (c) 2008, Fr. Peter Donatelli"

I suspect my first guess was good, and it is indeed a Windows font
issue. We noticed it in .35, but it doesn't mean it can't have
actually appeared sooner. Can you please try again, with the (c)
character and lily 2.11.37?


Fr. Gordon Gilbert
Penetanguishene, ON
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