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Default Rehearsal Marks with Text

From: Douglas Wilson
Subject: Default Rehearsal Marks with Text
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008 03:54:14 +0000 (UTC)
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Normally if I want a rehearsal mark with text next
to it, I can markup the first note in the measure,
and it's close enough, but here I have chords above
the staff, and marking up chords doesn't work
(e.g. bes1:9^\markup etc.), and if I mark up the note
below, it puts the text between the staff and the
chords. I wish you could do something like (my
default is a box w/bar number in it):

\mark { \default " and some text" }
or be able to markup a chord.

Another minor issue I'm not going to worry about for
now is how to get the g:aug7 chord to display as "G+7"
instead of "G7/#5" it easy or do I have to dive
into the chord naming code (not afraid to, just not
a lot of tuits right now).

Here is what I have, which puts the text way off to
the right of the rehearsal mark:

%% Bar 37
\repeat volta 2 {
    \new ChordNames = "2" \with { alignAboveContext=#"1" }
    \chordmode {
      \mark \markup { \hspace #0.0 \raise #6.5
        \tiny "Open for Solos - Backgrounds on Cue" }
        es:9 bes:9 r1
      es:9 es:dim7 bes:7 g:aug7
      c:m7 f:13.11 bes2:7 g:aug7 c:m7 f:aug7
\once \override Score.RehearsalMark #'break-align-symbol = #'clef
\mark \default
    d4.-> d8-> r2
    des4.-> des8-> r2
    d?4.-> d8-> r2

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