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Re: shift accidental in chord

From: Damian leGassick
Subject: Re: shift accidental in chord
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 16:53:03 +0000

hi kieren

what i need is this:

\version "2.11.38"

        \override Stem #'transparent = ##t
        <d'! ees'bes' b'!>

to become:

JPEG image

which is a standard way to show that both b-flat and b-natural are simultaneous

it's for a webern reduction - so changing the b-flat to a-sharp isn't really an option

the issue has come up a few times on the list - how to move the accidental of just one note within a chord

i know how to fake it - i was just wondering if there was a simpler tweak



On 18 Feb 2008, at 16:26, Kieren MacMillan wrote:

Hi Damian,

Just to confirm... are you looking for

\version "2.11.38"
{ \set Staff.extraNatural = ##t beses' bes' }

i.e., to correct a previous accidental on the same note in the same bar?

If not, please give a good reason for having both accidentals but no "split stem", so we can better help you get Lilypond to do what you want.


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