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Re: Flamenco/Rasgueado and Lilypond

From: notesetter
Subject: Re: Flamenco/Rasgueado and Lilypond
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 21:00:37 -0800 (PST)

Hello everyone,

>>"Hi all.  I did a Google and an Archives search on how to notate 
rasgueado with lilypond, and the instructions there said to use an

For rasgueado indications, typically an arpeggio line is used with an
arrowhead at the top or bottom to indicate the direction of the strum--up
arrowhead to indicate down strum (lowest sounding string to highest
sounding) or down arrow to indicate an up strum. Often, the right hand
finger to use is indicated in conjunction with the rasgueado symbol--the
standard "p" "i" "m" "a" symbols for the right hand fingers with the
addition of "x" for the pinky finger. Sometimes, simply the abbreviation
"Rasg." in italics is placed underneath the chord, leaving it to the
performer to decide the manner of execution. This is the notation used in
Spanish and English books that I have seen. Italian, German or other
language editions may be different (naturally).

>>"I've since discovered on Wikipedia that the up bow/down bow notation 
used for violins can be used for up strokes/down strokes for plucked string 

The "up bow" and "down bow" symbols are usually used only for plucked
stringed instruments played with a plectrum. This is mostly restricted to
popular music-chiefly method books.

As I'm brand new to lilypond (and thus far, really enjoying it), I don't
know how to tell lilypond to put arrowheads on arpeggio lines for rasgueado


Hope this is helpful, Timothy--and anyone else whose mind this question may
have been burning in.

David Stocker 

PS--I also replied by email, but am not sure whether my reply was posted to
the entire group. Sorry if you've received this message twice.

David Stocker
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