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Re: Hi someting Wicked this way came: problems with fonts on Easy lilypo

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Hi someting Wicked this way came: problems with fonts on Easy lilypond 2.10.33?
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2008 20:53:56 +0100
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If you search the mailing list archives, you can find some
reports that LilyPond is very slow on Vista, since for some
reason the font name database is rebuilt every time you
run LilyPond, not only the first time after installation as
is normally the case. A short description and a proposed
workaround is described at

I have not heard about your specific problem before, but
since it's font related, the workaround might solve also
your problem if you are lucky.


Andreas Stenberg wrote:


Did get a new computer last week and finaly got it in more or less working order. Trouble is I'm now on Windows Wista and did not get the normal down load of Lilypond and jEdit with Lilytool to work as it should. Did try the Easy lilypond package and most things are working (but not all, most are jEdit problems I think).

The wicked thing is: The text font I get as default (headers, markup and lyrics) when processing is a rather ugly sans - type font (looking a lot like some Arial version). Changing fonts any of the normal ways works ok so no problem. But if I chose _Times New Roman_ i get some thing looking like an capital I over a dot in place of capital N. This is most anoying an weird. Can't figur if the problem is on my computer, in the interplay between jEdit and Lily or if there is somthing wrong with the pacage i downloaded. Is This an Easylily problem or a Wista problem or what? Should I have to try to get it all the normal eg. Downloading Lilypond, jEdit etc. separately and troubling my self through the usual configuration disasters?

Andreas Stenberg

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