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simultaneous free rhythms

From: luis jure
Subject: simultaneous free rhythms
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 20:41:18 -0300

hello list, i found a problem i can't solve by myself. 

i'm writing a string quartet with a section where the four instruments
play in free rhythm, independently from each other. the cello plays a
melody and the three other instruments play whole notes with fermatas,
all of them freely. 

the general score is of course only an approximation of the result (see
attached handwritten excerpt).

first i wrote the cello part using cadenzaOn and \bar "" to force line
breaks. that was OK, and i thought it would be as easy as doing the
same in the other voices. but i realized that everything gets aligned
and that you can't put independent line breaks. 

what's the best method to achieve what i'm trying to do? 

i hope i have stated the problem clearly enough.



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