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Re: Mac-intel Leopard

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: Re: Mac-intel Leopard
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 03:14:46 +0100

2008/3/26, Johannes <address@hidden>:
> Will there be a Leopard version available soon? I tried to follow the steps
>  involved to get LilyPond working but I am a musician not a computer 
> programmer -
>  LOL! It's too complicated...

Yes, it is complicated. However, it does work...

I am musician too, not a programmer. Most of us are musicians, not
programmers. But Free Software doesn't live because of programmers, it
lives because of the users that get involved. You don't owe anything
to the developers, nor do they owe you anything; when using LilyPond,
you are not a customer -- you are part of a collective project.

Plus, perhaps you haven't thought that Apple broke their code in the
first place, not us. You can't blame any LilyPond developer for an
Apple-specific defect. Nicolas Sceaux has managed to make it work,
perhaps if you write him he'll send you a binary...

You should remember that LilyPond is *only* a non-graphical program
that processes text-files (the .ly source files) and turn them into a
PDF score. In other words, the nice icons, menus etc are *not* an
essential part of the program at all (besides, all non-MacOS LilyPond
versions do not have any menu or icon)! All they do is to launch the
main program, but you can launch it without using any menu... That's
what Ivo's script is about, and honestly, I think he's done a great
job -- perhaps you should try harder.

Everybody he's ready to help you and give you clear explanations; just
ask, and be patient.


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