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Re: Starting a new staff in the same line

From: Till Rettig
Subject: Re: Starting a new staff in the same line
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 11:07:29 +0200
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I remember this discussion, it also appeared to me that there might be
some solution, but I thought maybe there would be another easier way
like just letting the following score begin in the same line.
I will check out the incipit issue.


Mats Bengtsson schrieb:
As far as I know, there's no easy way to insert a system start delimiter in the middle of a score. There was recently a long discussion on the mailing list, related to incipits, you may want to look there and see if any of the solutions discussed there may be


Till wrote:
Ok, maybe I should rephrase the question to make it easier to understand:

The first idea was to have a new score starting in the same line as the
first one stops, but this seems not to work. Here's an image the user
Is there a workaround for that? Like stopping the staves, inserting white
space, calling possibly staff brackets/braces again and start the staves

Till wrote:
Hi all,
a user at asked how to stop a staff group and start a new one after a short white space with a new system start delimiter bracket. I couldn't really help, I pointed to the \startStaff and \stopStaff commands, but they won't produce the starting bracket. Also when making a new staff the first one gets continued and the second one aligned vertically under it. As a workaround I also gave the incipit workaround that is putting the score in the instrument name engraver. But this is not really working with staff groups: the vertical alignment is bad. And he also has "incipits" longer than one line so I don't know how they would behave -- I guess this is not possible.

There is probably an easy solution, who knows it?


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