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Re: English Translation

From: David R. Linn
Subject: Re: English Translation
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 15:54:57 -0500
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fiëé visuëlle wrote:

The meaning of "reich" in this example is extremely uncommon in (modern) German. I *guess* it refers to the old stem of "-rich" (like in names) that means "ruler", similar to "Reich" (empire, see "dein Reich komme" in German paternoster).

In that case, it might be rendered as "ever reigning God" or "ever ruling God" as in "Jesus Lives, and So Shall I" (based on "Jesus lebt,
mit ihm auch ich," by Christian F. Gellert, tune commonly attributed
to Joachim Neander)

> 2. Jesus lives and reigns supreme, And, His kingdom still remaining,
>    I shall also be with Him,
>    Ever living, ever reigning. God has promised; be it must: Jesus
>    is my Hope and Trust.

Then again, to reign, or rule, means to act with the *power* of a
monarch/emperor/tyrant so "ever powerful God" still covers it.  The
nuance is in the nature of the power.

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