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Re: Metronome marks

From: Risto Vääräniemi
Subject: Re: Metronome marks
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 10:14:59 +0300

On 15/04/2008, Neil Puttock  wrote:

> I've taken the liberty of adding your snippet to the LSR as "Creating
>  simultaneous rehearsal marks". Like Alexander's snippet, it works
>  better under 2.11, so it's also waiting for an LSR version change.

That's fine.

>  I've removed the extra-spacing-width overrides, since they're the
>  default setting for RehearsalMark.

Thanks for the tip. I copied them from the NR \tempoMark example and
thought they were important. Should they be removed there, too
(section 7.1.2)?

On 12/04/2008, Werner LEMBERG wrote:

> Apparently a piece for very aged people only :-)


A couple a decades ago there was a Finnish comedian / humoristic
singer called Esa Pakarinen. A story tells that one composer once
wrote that particular performance mark on a score to tell him to take
his false teeth off. It certainly adds a new angle to the performance.


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