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Re: Moving a hairpin horizontally

From: Peter Chubb
Subject: Re: Moving a hairpin horizontally
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 16:50:57 +1000
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>>>>> "kieren" == kieren macmillan <address@hidden> writes:

kieren> Mats,
>> I would have though that \override Hairpin #'bound-padding = #2.0
>> should do the job, but it seems that it only affect the right end,
>> not the left end.  Of course, you could then use a combination of
>> X-offset and bound-padding to get what you want, but I'm not
>> convinced that this is the expected behaviour.

kieren> Agreed.

kieren> On a not-too-distantly related note, I again put up a
kieren> sponsorship offer for the ability to control padding of such
kieren> items BY NOTE DURATION. For example, I would love to have a
kieren> Hairpin on a whole note start at the half-note position and be
kieren> 3/8s long (i.e., stop 1/8 before the end of the whole note) by
kieren> saying

You make this look right now, e.g., by
        << c1 \\ {s2\< s4. \! s8} >>

but the MIDI output doesn't sound right.   I'm trying to get the MIDI
output right, so have to explicitly do things like:
        \pp c64 ~ \< c64 ~ c64 ~ c64 ~ c64 ~ c64 ~\!\sf c64 ~ \> c64 ~ c64
        ~ c64 ~ c64 ~ c64 ~ c64 ~ c64 ~c64 ~ c64 ~ c64\! \pp

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