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Dynamics and kerning

From: Kim Bastin
Subject: Dynamics and kerning
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 22:28:21 +1000
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I find the kerning of dynamics unsatisfactory, indeed I'm not sure that it's happening at all. ff is spaced too wide, with visible daylight between the f's; mp is squashed too close together. These pairs are the worst; pp, sf, fz look okay.

Is this a characteristic of the font? If so, is there a way of changing the default dynamics font?

Or has it got something to do with this statement in the user manual,

"Kerning or generation of ligatures is only done when the TeX backend is used. In this case, LilyPond does not account for them so texts will be spaced slightly too wide."

How does one "use the TeX backend", assuming that's the problem? As is no doubt obvious, I understand very little of this.

[Lilypond 2.11.45, WinXP]

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