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From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: GDP: NR 3
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 09:17:31 +0100

NR 3 Input Syntax in GDP has been largely reorganised and several subsections redrafted. Could you please review this for gross errors and omissions before we get down to detailed formatting and wording.

The sections which have been substantially modified are:

NR 3.1 Input Structure
NR 3.3 Working with input files
NR 3.5 MIDI output

NR 3.2 and NR 3.4 are virtually unchanged, but comments on these too are still welcome.

The section name "Input syntax" now seems a poor match to the contents. Perhaps "Other notation" might be better? Views on this welcome.

As always, see the GDP docs at the GDP website:


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