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Re: Please forget LM MG NR IR SL AU

From: Tomas Valusek
Subject: Re: Please forget LM MG NR IR SL AU
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 19:43:21 +0200
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BTW, AU is what? An Astronomical Unit??? IR is commonly recognized is InfraRed :-))) IMHO there should be some sort of FAQ :-))) And in the end - PCMCIA (People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms) ... :-)))

Tomas Valusek

Valentin Villenave napsal(a):
2008/8/11 Bertalan Fodor (LilyPondTool) <address@hidden>:

My point is that lilypond-user reading users won't get used to it. Many of
them are newcomers and beginners. They don't usually follow the
conversations on the list.

Referring to NRx.x is still okay when you're talking to devs and doc
writers, I think. But I agree with you, you can't say to a beginner
"RTF NRx.x.x.x, and STFU" :-)


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