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Does Forbid_line_break_engraver still work?

From: Carl D. Sorensen
Subject: Does Forbid_line_break_engraver still work?
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 03:59:36 -0600

I'm trying to make a clear example for the GDP docs.

According to my understanding, Forbid_line_break engraver should eliminate
line breaks at measures where there is a tie generated by the

In the code below, I can't change where the line break is by including or
removing the Forbid_line_break_engraver.  I've tried changing the line-width
and the presence or absence of the Forbid_line_break_engraver.  As far as I
can see, there is no special requirement to avoid breaking on the tied
measure; it's just a standard bar line.

Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong?  Or is this just a bug?




\new Voice \with {
\remove "Note_heads_engraver"
\consists "Completion_heads_engraver"
\consists "Forbid_line_break_engraver"
%\remove "Forbid_line_break_engraver"
\relative c'
%  { c2. c8 d4 e f g8 a4 b c8 c2 b4 a g16 f4 e d c8. c2 d8}
{ c4 c c c
d d d d
e e e e2
f4 f f
g g g g
a a a a2
b4 b b

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