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Re: combine chords, lyrics and melody - resending now that I've subscrib

From: Patrick Horgan
Subject: Re: combine chords, lyrics and melody - resending now that I've subscribed...
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 10:07:34 -0700
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ayryq wrote:

I believe you can, I was going to clip your stuff, build it on my machine, and build an example for you, but this example won't actually build on my machine. Just as a hint, in the work I did for O Magnum Mysterium, I combined several thing like this:

sopranoTotal = \simultaneous {
       \new Staff = "soprano" {
               \set Staff.instrumentName = "Soprano"
               \set Staff.midiInstrument = "violin"
               \clef "violin"
               \new Voice="soprano"<<
       \context Lyrics = soprano \lyricsto soprano \sopranoLyrics

Is there any way to simply combine chords, lyrics, and melody sections into a
single LP "variable?" I am trying to create pop leadsheets and my score
sections look like this one:
\score { <<
\new ChordNames { \transpose g g { \set chordChanges = ##t \override ChordName #'font-series =#'bold \override ChordName #'font-size = #1 \chorusharmonies
                                \chorusharmonies \postchorusharmonies

       \new Voice = "melody" \relative c' { \transpose g g {
           \clef treble \key g \major \time 4/4
                                \new Voice = "verse" \repeat volta 2 
{\versemelody \chorusmelody
                        \repeat volta 3 {\mark \markup {\smaller \italic \bold 
{Chorus (3X)}}
                        \postchorusmelody \bar "|."
       \new Lyrics = "mainlyrics" \lyricsto melody {
\chorustext %verseonetext/versetwotext chorustext postchorustext
       \context Lyrics = "mainlyrics" \lyricsto verse {
        \verseonetext \chorustext \postchorustext}
       \new Lyrics = "repeatlyrics" \lyricsto verse {
The form is simple, but it is repeated three times for harmony, melody, and
lyrics. It would be nice to be able to say chorus=<<\chorusharmonies
\chorusmelody \chorustext >> and then just refer to \chorus in the score
block. Is this possible?

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