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Re: string number problem

From: Jonathan Kulp
Subject: Re: string number problem
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 06:26:58 -0500
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Oy. In all the time I spent working on that part of the docs, it never occurred to me to try the fingerings and string numbers with slurs.

So, I ran this code and while I got the same error message as you, it was not a fatal error and the file continued to run, producing perfect output (except that I haven't set the proper time signature, anyway--see attached image). I'm running the development version 2.11.55 on Ubuntu 8.04. Maybe it would fix this problem for you to install the latest version? Be forewarned that 2.11.55 has another issue, discussed in a different thread, where the dots for dotted notes are placed on lines instead of between them. I trust this will be fixed in a forthcoming release as the developers are quite vigilant for such things :)

What's weird about this "avoid-slur" warning is that in this example, the slur is nowhere near anything that needs to be avoided. The slur is on one side, the fingering/string indications on the other. And when I added something that would possibly interfere with the slur (an accent), it doesn't complain about that, but about something else. Why would Lilypond complain about needing to avoid anything?


Tom Cloyd wrote:
OK - here's a minimal version of my problem -

[running ver. 2.10.33]

\relative c'{ <fis-1\4>8 [(g-2) a-4] <b-1\3> [c-2 d-4] <e-1\2> [fis-3 g-4] | }

console output:
GNU LilyPond 2.10.33
Processing `'
warning: Not in toplevel scope
Interpreting music... warning: Ignoring grob for slur. avoid-slur not set?
               \relative c'{ <fis-1
\4>8 [(g-2) a-4] <b-1\3> [c-2 d-4] <e-1\2> [fis-3 g-4] | }

The problem is the slurring. Remove the slurs and it runs. to I slur the f and g, etc., when using string number notations? THAT I cannot get to work, and I cannot find any example showing someone else getting it to work.



Graham Percival wrote:
On Mon, 18 Aug 2008 01:47:56 -0700
Tom Cloyd <address@hidden> wrote:

Thanks very much for your quick response. However, it puzzles me. I plainly said I'm using ver. ly ver. 2.10.33. I would never expect
docs for 2.11 to apply better than docs for the version I use -
unless 2.11 is correcting a documentation error. Is that the case?

We've spent about 1000 hours working on the docs since 2.10.33.
Perhaps as much as 50 of those hours were spent on new .11
features.  The rest was spent fixing and improving the docs.

I just tested <c\1> in simple score case. It worked exactly as I desired. ver. 2.10.x IS behaving as the ver. 2.11 docs says.

According to the 2.11 docs, that shouldn't work.
Note: There must be a hyphen after the note and a space before the
closing >.
... oh wait, that's for right-hand fingering.  Sorry, never mind.

In that case, I only recommend creating a minimal example that
demonstrates the problem, and go from there.  Somebody else might be
able to figure it out.

- Graham

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