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Re: \shiftOn doesen't behave as expected

From: James E. Bailey
Subject: Re: \shiftOn doesen't behave as expected
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 14:20:32 +0200

Am 18.08.2008 um 13:41 schrieb Francisco Vila:

2008/8/18 Carl Sorensen <address@hidden>:
Another option is to read the new discussion on polypohony from the
GDP docs:

Go to the Notation Reference, and look up section 1.5.2.

Speaking of, given that I rewrote this section last week, and that I
have not launched it as public draft yet, and that I have not received
any feedback on the first subsection Single-staff polyphony, could you
take it a quick look and tell me if you think this is written in a
grammatically correct-enough English? After that, I'll announce the
draft with more bells and whistles.

I realise it isn't at draft stage yet, but I thought I'd say that there's a slight inaccuracy in 1.5.3, \oneVoice doesn't put a voice into the same voice context before and after a temporary polyphonic passage, not explicitly creating two new voices does that. \oneVoice just sets the beams and stems so that they go the direction they're supposed to. It's the the equivalent of setting \stemNeutral \beamNeutral \tieNeutral \slurNeutral \phrasingSlurNeutral and anything else that \voiceOne ... \voiceFour sets to #UP or #DOWN.

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