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Re: ver. 2.11.56 problems

From: Tom Cloyd
Subject: Re: ver. 2.11.56 problems
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 06:54:28 -0700
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Wow - so many ideas!

from James -

"I think the lilypond in that folder is lilypond, the program. If you
type /home/tomc/bin/lilypond what do you get? "

Oh. Bingo.

"GNU LilyPond 2.11.56
Usage: lilypond [OPTION]... FILE..."

Houston, we have a launch.

Major lesson: the Unix/Linix command processor (or whatever - genie?) is
disinterested in the fact that I'm already in the dir containing the
referenced file. I have to tell it explicitly. Coming from Windows, I
find this extremely confusing, nonsensical, etc., but I now suddenly
understand why there are 75,000+ symlinks in my OS (unless, of course,
I'm completely misunderstanding what symlinks are about).

from Carl -

"You can tell if it's a path problem by typing "which lilypond" - It
will tell you the directory from which lilypond is run."

When I do that, I get exactly nothing back. It doesn't know about
"lilypond". That's why it kept saying "Huh? Install it first, dummy".

So, at this point, I created a symlink -

ln -s "/home/tomc/bin/lilypond" "lilypond"

But it accomplishes nothing. I can see the supposed link file sitting
there. It appears merely to be a copy of the original
/home/tomc/bin/lilypond file. Huh? Doesn't seem like a link to me. And,
sure enough...when I try to execute "lilypond" by entering just that, I
get the same old "never heard of it" message. Jeez this just seems nuts.
This simply has to get easier.

OK, I'm back. Can someone kindly tell me what to do next? I surely don't
want to type the whole blasted path every time. Is there a way to create
a link that actually does what a "shortcut" does in Windows?

I wonder if there might be some virtue to documenting all this
somewhere, for other folks like me who know just enough to get into real
trouble...but who can definitely read (something I learned in graduate
school). :) I happily enter the first draft of this, once I get the
problem solved, but I'll have to be told WHERE to go to do it. I'm
simply out of time.

Thanks very much for all the help. Will return to this in 24 hours.


Tom Cloyd wrote:
I don't know how to find the time to learn enough, so I'm going to have to ask for help here.

I've installed developmental ver. 2.11.56-1 from the Ly website (nice! no compilation needed - thanks).

But I cannot get execution. My OS = Kubuntu Linux 8.04.1.

The installer created these 2 directories:

* #1 - /home/tomc/bin - the installer script's console output said that this would contain a script "created as a shortcut". It doesn't give a name for the script. Not helpful. This dir's contents:


The only thing here that's looks like it might be the shortcut script is "lilypond". My user acct. owns it, and it's marked executable, but...

address@hidden:~/bin$ lilypond
The program 'lilypond' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
sudo apt-get install lilypond
bash: lilypond: command not found
address@hidden:~/bin$ I have no idea what's up at this point.

* #2 /home/tomc/lilypond/ - this contains a lot of stuff. Nothing I've yet seen or found tells me what this is. The README in root begins "This installer contains an aggregration..." What are they talking about? Doesn't make any sense to me. What IS this stuff?

At this point I'm feeling rather stupid, and exasperated that someone hasn't left a more clear trail. I believe it's called documentation, and since I wasn't born knowing about this directory I need to be told. I simply have not the time to go on another hunting trip to figure this out. I'm already three hours down the road with this new install as it is, and still have nothing working...and it's 3:20AM. I'd like to know how NOT to have this sort of experience, but short of taking 6 months off to learn...whatever...I cannot imagine what would do the trick.

So...can someone tell me what I should do at this point? I just want to get on with USING this new install, if possible.

Thanks in advance. I'm dead in the water without the generous help of this list.



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