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Re: question about installation

From: Luc Dejans
Subject: Re: question about installation
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2008 15:21:10 +0200

Hi - thanks for your answers, Valentin & Trevor! Sorry for my additional newbee-question: I can run the program indeed, but how do I get the windows as displayed on Till now, I just can work in a text file, convert it into Lilypond and view the result as a PDF. It would be easier to work and view instantly the result in another window.
I know all this must be basic for experienced users, but I'm just making my first steps in Lilypond...
Thanks, Luc 

2008/8/24 Valentin Villenave <address@hidden>
2008/8/24 Luc Dejans <address@hidden>:

> Last week I downloaded and runned LilyPond 2.10 for Windows. My computer
> runs Windows Vista.

Greetings Luc,

don't worry, nobody's perfect :)

[Hey Trevor, you're not alone anymore :-) ]

> While trying to install LilyPond on Cygwin, I didn't get the same Package
> View dialogue as showed on the web page
> there were other programs in my
> list, but not "liliypond". What should I do? Many thanks in advance for your
> help!

LilyPond does not need cygwin (anymore). Just download the Windows
version on (I recommend 2.11
version), and install it as you'd do with any other program.

By the way, from your name I suspect you might be French; in this case
you might be interested in knowing that there's a French-speaking
LilyPond mailing list on


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