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Re: Adding an extra staff

From: alistair zaldua
Subject: Re: Adding an extra staff
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 18:50:47 +0200

Hi Orm,
thanks a lot for your help.

> what you're trying to do seems to be creating a staff system on the

-Yes, that's exactly what I was trying to do, only I had copied out the example provided by the LSR archive:


 I used your example but unfortunately it wouldn't parse, I also tried trouble-shooting using the % trick, but I still couldn't locate the error, the message being:

lilypond/current/ly/ error: syntax error,
unexpected $end
   (ly:parser-error parser (_ "expected error, but none found"))))

I think your suggestion of creating contexts is definitely the way to go,  so will look into that.



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