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Re: paper size and printing

From: Stefan Thomas
Subject: Re: paper size and printing
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 09:21:09 +0200

Dear Alexander,
the default paper size in my pdf program is a4. But I have to set there the margins to 1.27 cm, 1.27 cm, 1.57 cm and 1.57 cm. Otherwise the lilypond generated pdf file would be too large for a a4 paper.

2008/8/25 Alexander Kobel <address@hidden>
Stefan Thomas wrote:
> Dear lilypond-users,
> I have a question concerniung the paper size. When I print a pdf-file
> with lpr, the top off the page is cut off. I think, the defualt paper
> size is not a4. But the same thing happens, when I include the line "
> #(set-default-paper-size "a4")" in the ly-file.

I don't know about #(set-default-paper-size), but you can try
       \paper {
               #(set-paper-size "a4")
before anything else.

However, AFAIK Lily uses A4 by default anyway, so you might just have a
problem with your printer settings (margin needed by the printer)? I
vaguely remember some LaTeX issue where you must have an additional inch
for the top margin because of some driver thing...
Can you check the paper size of the PDF in, say, the Adobe Reader (or
Evince, or ...), usually found under Document/File properties or
something similar.


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