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Re: LH fingering not working

From: Tom Cloyd
Subject: Re: LH fingering not working
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2008 07:38:30 -0700
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Jonathan Kulp wrote:
Ok, now I'm getting somewhere. I couldn't make the \tweak command work with extra-offset from looking at the manual, but I found an example in a guitar piece at Mutopia:

From this I learned exactly where to put stuff and now I can get perfect positioning of each element of fingering even inside a chord. Here's the result of my experiment on the chord in Tom's sample code:

\version "2.11.56"

\relative c' { r4
     \override Fingering #'staff-padding = #'()
     \set fingeringOrientations = #'(down down up)
% \SO #'-0.0 #'2.5
< e'-\tweak #'extra-offset #'(0 . 5.2)-0 fis-1-\tweak #'extra-offset #'(0.7 . 3.5 ) \3 g-\tweak #'extra-offset #'(-0.5 . -1.5)-4-\tweak #'extra-offset #'(-0.2 . -1.5)\2 >4~ s2 }

It looks kind of ugly in the code but it does allow excellent placement of both the fingerings and the string indications. This is definitely something I'll be using in my own scores. I just wish it worked in variables (the docs on \tweak say it's a known issue that \tweak doesn't work in a variable).

BTW this still didn't fix the problem Tom cited about the fingering Orientation (down down up) being partially ignored. That's work for another day...

Thanks for the tips, James and Trevor!


Trevor Daniels wrote:

Have a look at NR 5.3.4 The \tweak command. I rewrote this recently, so I'd like to know whether or not this is clear and helpful. Thanks.


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Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2008 9:14 PM
Subject: Re: LH fingering not working

Ha! I totally forgot about "tweak"! Now I remember seeing that example where one note of a chord is smaller than the other three. I'm going to try it. Many thanks, James. I bet this will fix it.


James E. Bailey wrote:
First, I know nothing about this, but,
Am 31.08.2008 um 19:23 schrieb Jonathan Kulp:

Hi Tom,

While it's possible to position fingerings very precisely using extra-offset, you can only do so to notes inside chord constructs. Fine. The problem is that if you're trying to position the fingerings for an actual chord
(i.e. more than 1 note at the same time inside a chord construct),
isn't that what \tweak is for? I mean, the only time I see it is when a specific change needs to be made inside a chord construct. Again, I know nothing about what's going on here.

Jonathan Kulp

lilypond-user mailing list

Well, this is slick. While it does take a bit of trial and error, the
result is worth it. Here's the code which works exactly as I wish, and
with the triple bar fixed as well. Very nice.

I don't know what you think of my resolution of the "ugly code" problem,
but for me this is an acceptable resolution of that as well. Getting
into and back out of the code seems easy enough.

Thanks to all for contributions to this success. Everything I learned
from this thread to fix this code snippet will be regularly useful in
the future.

   \relative c'{
      { s2 r4
      e'-\tweak #'extra-offset #'(0 . 5.2)-0
      fis-\tweak #'extra-offset #'(1 . 0.5 )-4
        -\tweak #'extra-offset #'(1.2 . 10.5 )\3
      g-\tweak #'extra-offset #'(-0.5 . -1.8)-1
        -\tweak #'extra-offset #'(-0.5 . -1.5)\2
      { \stemUp \times 2/3 { fis,8-3 ^"II" [ (g-4) e-1 ]}
        \tweak #'direction #up %modifies placement of tuples
        \times 2/3 {a8\rest
        \set fingeringOrientations = #'(left)
        <e-1-\tweak #'extra-offset #'(-0.5 . 3.5)\5>
        [<c'-3-\tweak #'extra-offset #'(-0.5 . 3.5)\4>] }
        <b-2~>2 }
      { \stemDown s4 e,,2.~ \ff }

   \relative c'{
     { < e'  fis g >1 \fermata }
     { b1}
       { e,,1 \fermata}


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