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Re: LH fingering not working

From: Patrick Horgan
Subject: Re: LH fingering not working
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2008 11:53:58 -0700
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James E. Bailey wrote:
That is very well covered in LM 5, so I can understand why it wouldn't be duplicated.
That was my concern about the policy in the LM to never cover anything that was previously means that you (the reader) have to have integrated the content of previous sections to understand/use later sections. Some of the best tutorial writing I've seen (the LM is supposed to be the tutorial part not the reference part right?), repeats stuff a lot, so that learning each part, the basic context is always present to make it clearer. Of course I don't mean repeat everything everywhere, that would be silly, but things that make an obvious context are present where needed, instead of referring someone to somewhere else, or worse, not referring them to somewhere else because they should have integrated previous sections. I believe that the policy is normal for reference material, but inherently decreases the usability of tutorial material.

Just my two cents and I know I'll have no influence and know that the great documentation project is winding down, but just wanted to say it because it's been a frustration of mine. I wish I'd gotten involved sooner instead of coming in to the list when the project was well underway and teams in place. After reading and commenting on a couple of sections and being told that we don't do things that way, I felt rebuffed and just shut up and quit reviewing things. It was clear that it was a style clash that I couldn't resolve.

That said, I'd also like to say that there's a lot of really good writing in the LM. I've read all the documentation, (both the last and the new as it comes out) and it's a HUGE improvement, thank you:)


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