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Re: notation TAB matching

From: Grammostola Rosea
Subject: Re: notation TAB matching
Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2008 14:46:38 +0200
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James E. Bailey wrote:

Am 03.09.2008 um 12:01 schrieb Grammostola Rosea:

Grammostola Rosea wrote:
Robin Bannister wrote:
Grammostola Rosea wrote:
Question 2) still remains....

There will be other problems like this in the bars to come, each needing a special effort to overcome, usually in an unsatisfactory way. This is because you are trying to put overlapping durations into a single voice.
Try starting again, but this time using several voices.
A clear example of doing this for guitar was quoted [1] here recently. See, for example, how the bass line keeps sounding while other notes are being plucked. And it shows that you needn't stop at bass/middle/top; you even can put other things (like dynamics) into separate voices.
The things for overlapping durations, e.g.
- tieWaitForNote
- the polyphonic construct << ... \\ ... >>
- laisserVibrer
are still available of course. But if you have sufficient voices you will rarely need them. There are occasionally new problems to do with coordination between the several voices but these are a lot easier to solve. [1]

Thanks a lot! I'll dive into the multiple voices stuff...

I made an quick start with it, check the last entry of Signe:

I think I've to read more about it, but I don't understand why the notation and tablature doesn't match right in the last entry of Signe here:

I don't know what your goal with \tag #'restnotes or \tag #'bassnotes, but if you remove those (and the references to them) you should get the output you're looking for.

Ok, I'm learning and get more happy with the results :)

Below this message there's my code. I've three questions about it.

1) Is is possible to have tablature without durations of the notes displayed in the tablature part? I also want to display notes with a slur in the notation as one entry in the tablature (no slur, no entry for the second note (in the notation connected with a slur).

2) Where should I put /midi {} in the score to get a midi file?

3) Any suggestion to improve things or to learn me something are welcome ;)

Thanks in advance,

\version "2.11.53"

\header {
title = "Signe"
%arranger = "Eric Clapton"
instrument = "Words and Music by Eric Clapton"

%#(set-paper-size "letter")
%#(define bottom-margin (* 2 cm))

chordNames = \chordmode {
\time 4/4
 \partial 8
 a4. e2:/a a2
   r8 e2:/a
 a4. e2:/a a2
 r8 e2:/a
 a4. e2:/a a2
r8 e2:/a a4. e2:/a a1
 a2 r8 b4.:/a e2:/gis
 fis 2 b1:m7
 e1 a1


uI = {
 \partial 8
r8 | <a cis'>4. <gis b>8 ~ <gis b> <\parenthesize b e'>4 <a cis'>8 ~<a cis'> <cis' e'>4. <gis b>2 | <a cis'>4 <\parenthesize cis' e'>8 <gis b> ~ <gis b> <\parenthesize b e'>4 <a cis'>8

~ <a cis'>8 <cis' e'>4. <gis b>2 | <a cis'>4 <\parenthesize cis' e'>8 <gis b> ~ <gis b> <\parenthesize b e'>4 <a cis'>8
 ~ <a cis'> < cis' e'>4. <gis b>2 |

<a cis'>4 <\parenthesize cis' e'>8 <gis b>8 ~ <gis b> <\parenthesize b e'>4 <\parenthesize e a cis'>8-> r4^ "N.C." r8 e8 gis8 a b <\parenthesize e a cis'> ~ <\parenthesize e a cis'> <cis' e'>4 r8 <\parenthesize fis b dis'>8 e'4 <b e'>8 ~ <b e'> <e'gis'>4 r8 \set TabStaff.minimumFret = #0 \acciaccatura { a8 } ais8 cis'4 <\parenthesize fis a d'>8 ~ <\parenthesize fis a d'> <b fis'>4 r8 <a d'>8 ~ <a cis'>4 <\parenthesize e gis b> 8 ~ <\parenthesize e gis b> <b e'>4 r8 d'\glissando ( cis') b <\parenthesize e a cis'> r2 <e a cis' a'>2\arpeggio

dI = {
 \partial 8
a,8 ~ a,4 a,4 ~ a,4. a,8~a,4. a,8~a,4 \parenthesize e,8\parenthesize e,8 a,4. a,8 ~ a,4. a,8 ~
 a,4. a,8 ~ a,2 a,4. a,8 ~ a,4. a,8 ~ a,4. a,8 ~ a,2
a,4. a,8 ~ a,4. a,8 r2 r4 r8 a,8 ~ a,4. a,8 ~ a,4. -\markup {T on 6 ------|} \set TabStaff.minimumFret = #4 gis,8\6 ~ gis,4.\6 \set TabStaff.minimumFret = #0 fis,8 ~ fis,4. b,8 ~
 b,4. b,8 ~ b,4. e,8 ~ e,4. e,8 ~ e,4. a,8 r2 a,2_\mf

Notation = \simultaneous { %% Combine both parts for notation
\time 4/4
\clef "G_8"
\key a \major
\override Score.MetronomeMark #'padding = #6.0 \tempo 4=176
\override StringNumber #'self-alignment-Y = #-1
\override Score.StringNumber #'padding = #3.5
\set fingeringOrientations = #'(up left down)
<< \context Voice=VoiceA \uI >>
<< \context Voice=VoiceB %\keepWithTag #'bassnotes
 \dI >>

Tablature = \simultaneous { %% Combine both parts for Tablature
\time 4/4
\override TabStaff.Stem #'transparent = ##t %% Makes stems transparent
\override TabStaff.Beam #'transparent = ##t %% Makes beams transparent
<< \context TabVoice=TabVoiceA \uI >>
<< \context TabVoice=TabVoiceB %\keepWithTag #'restnotes
 \dI >>

\score {

\new ChordNames { \chordNames }

 \context StaffGroup {

\simultaneous {
<< \context Staff=FullNotation \Notation >>

<< \context TabStaff=FullTab \Tablature >>



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