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tempo for both conductor's score and parts

From: Daryna Baikadamova
Subject: tempo for both conductor's score and parts
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2008 20:05:36 +1200

Now I have another problem.  Suppose I want to insert tempo to the conductors score at specific places (not only at the beginning of the score), and I want these tempo marks (e.g. Allegretto crotchet = 76) printed only *once* on top of the system on the conductor's score, but these tempo marks must be reproduced in each parts score.  How can this be done?

If I enter the tempo marks in each part, then they will also be printed on top of each part in the conductor's score, which is undesirable.  However if I only enter the tempo marks on the top instrument (flute, which is what have been done in the project I received), then all the other parts will have no tempo indications!

What should I do?



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