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Re: different tempi

From: Reinhold Kainhofer
Subject: Re: different tempi
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 11:33:10 +0200
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Am Mittwoch, 10. September 2008 schrieb Han-Wen Nienhuys:
> On Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 4:15 PM, Reinhold Kainhofer
> <address@hidden> wrote:
> >> A last problem remains: time signatures and bar lines in the viola
> >> affect spacing in the other systems (and vice versa), which looks
> >> ugly.  No idea how this can be tackled...
> >
> > Neither have I. The main problem is that lilypond tries to match moments
> > exactly in the output, so that if one beat takes more space (because
> > there is a time signature change in some voice), all other voices will
> > also take the same space.
> There is an option to make time sigs and the like not take any space
> at all.  I think there is a test for that in
>   input/regression/

Okay, this does not cause big gaps in the spacing, but still looks terrible. 
In particular, the time signatures etc. are crammed into the available small 
space, possibly colliding with barlines or notes if there is not enough space 
(the same problem happens with Kieren's idea to set all extents to 0). I 
suppose the only real good-looking solution would be to not synchronize the 
moments of the Vla staff with the other staves exactly. If you look at 
Werner's original image, you'll see that the moments are not exactly matched 
for these staves, but the notes in the Vla staff are positioned separately 
from all other staves. This makes all staves look good.

Now, I think (yes, that means I'm just guessing and not knowing ;-) ) that 
something like that is really not possible in LilyPond right now...
Who or what is responsible for calculating the note spacing / positioning? I 
tried moving the Spacing_engraver from the score to the InnerStaffGroups and 
the Staff, but that didn't have any effect...


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