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page-breaking favours last page?

From: Kieren MacMillan
Subject: page-breaking favours last page?
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 16:49:56 -0400

[Lilypond 2.11.58]

Hello all,

Is it just me, or does the new page-breaking algorithm favour the last page?

For example, I've got a violin part that fits nicely on 17 systems across 2 pages. My settings include

        %% system settings
                ragged-bottom = ##t
                ragged-last-bottom = ##t

        %% other settings
                between-system-padding = 0.5\in
                between-system-space = 1\in

However, the output ends up as:

Page 1: titling, plus 7 systems of music, plus a gap at the bottom big enough for two systems; Page 2: 10 perfectly spaced systems, filling up the entire printable area.

I want the gap to be at the *end* of the piece, not in the middle — and I would assume most scores would be this way.
What settings do I need to use to get this to happen?


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