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Re: Vertical spacing on big systems

From: Nicolas Sceaux
Subject: Re: Vertical spacing on big systems
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2008 22:29:15 +0200

Le 12 sept. 08 à 18:59, Reinhold Kainhofer a écrit :

Yes, Lilypond wastes 10% of the vertical space on each page. You have 98 left, but lilypond reserves a little less than 20 units for possible rounding errors when calculating the staff spacings (yes, I agree, that's insane!). So lilypond thinks there is only ~80 staff spaces left, while the second system
needs 90.

This came up a while ago on the -devel list:

You might try to comment out (or at least reduce) these 10% of reserved space and see if you run into any staff collisions (which I don't think should
happen, but then I haven't dug deep enought for this staff!).

I've collected some raw data about estimated extents and real ones one
various scores. I still have to study them, maybe a more suitable amount
of reserved space will emerge.


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