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OT: singing training

From: Tim Litwiller
Subject: OT: singing training
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 12:21:38 -0500
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This is not specifically on the topic of lilypond but my daughters love of singing and trying to help her learn to sing is one of the things that got me interested in lilypond in the first place.

She loves to sing and I would love to help her learn to hear when she hits a pitch. We are 2 hours away from a city of any size so getting her to a school with singing training is not possible at this time. She has some singing training in the church school she is in but the teacher doesn't have time for 1 on 1 with her personally. Most of the training is focused on getting the kids ready for the times they have a program and some singing numbers for the parents etc.

back to my question:
I found some programs that play tones and she is getting a lot better at telling how far apart the tones played are and what the pitch played is. So her hearing of the sounds is getting better. Her singing has improved a bit from that excessive but not very much.

What I would like to find is some kind of program that would play a note or tone and she would try to sing that note or tone back into a microphone and then it would continue to the next note when she hits it. Just dreaming now it would be nice if i could use lilypond files of the children songs I have entered as the source of these notes. then as she gets better at hitting the correct note. it should start going faster and train her on timing also.

I am not a good singer myself but I spend a few hours per week trying to do this manually in the evening. But if there was a program available that she could use several hour per day before I get home from work I think we could accelerate her learning on this.

I figured if there was any group of people on the net that would know of such a program as this it would be this group.

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