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Re: LilyPond is excessively slow on Windows Vista

From: Tim Slattery
Subject: Re: LilyPond is excessively slow on Windows Vista
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 12:24:18 -0500

"Trevor Daniels" <address@hidden> wrote:

>> I couldn't find either of these files anywhere on my machine. I
>> unchecked the DST box and ran the program a couple of times. No,
>> change.

>The leading dot in the name makes these system or hidden files.

That's how Unix works, not Windows. Files are made hidden or system by
setting a property bit in their directory entry.

>To see them, select your home directory in Windows Explorer,
>then Tools -> Folder Options, select the View tab and select
>the "Show hidden files and folders" option.

Nope, not there.

Tim Slattery

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