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same heigth of markups

From: Stefan Thomas
Subject: same heigth of markups
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 08:25:17 +0100

Dear Lilypond-users,
I would like to have, in the below quoted example, the "Dsechsvier" on the same heigth as the "T".
How can I get this?
Thanks for Your help,

\version "2.11.60"

Dsechsvier =  \markup { D \super { \combine \raise #1.1  6   4   }  }
T =  \markup {T}
\new Staff \relative c {  \clef bass c1_\T c1_\Dsechsvier }
  \context { \Staff  \override TextScript #'staff-padding = #3 }  }

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