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Re: Pagelayout for incipits

From: Jonathan Kulp
Subject: Re: Pagelayout for incipits
Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2008 09:47:44 -0600
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Hajo Dezelski wrote:
Dear me,

I started to read the new documentation and:

I thought too complicated. The solution was more trivial than I expected.

By the way the documentation is really excellent. The last time I looked a
year ago I had some problems and solved my problems by trial and error. Now
you find really what you are looking for - if you know what you are looking
for ;-)

Thanks for your efforts.


2008/12/6 Hajo Dezelski <address@hidden>


Has someone a pagelayout to gather several incipits like that of
Schmiederer Bachwerkeverzeichnis on a page.

Name1 - incipt1 (2-4 measures) - comment1
Name2 - incipit2 - comment2

incpits = just melodylines or Pianostaff

I read the manuals but couldnt make it out:
I only found the example of the ancient notation template which is way over
my head.

Thanks in advance

Glad to hear the re-written manuals helped. Out of curiosity, which section helped you solve this? I was interested in it but didn't have time to pursue.


Jonathan Kulp

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