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Re: [lilypond-kde4] cmake problem

From: Grammostola Rosea
Subject: Re: [lilypond-kde4] cmake problem
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 15:45:34 +0100
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Wilbert Berendsen wrote:
Dag Grammostola Rosea,

op woensdag 10 december 2008, schreef je:
Thanks. I have installed lilypond-kde4

But it doesn't work. When I click a note in Okular, it doesn't switch in

You should configure Kate as the preferred editor for the LilyPond mimetype. (rightclick a .ly file, select Properties, and click on the configure icon. Be sure Kate is on top.

The ktexteditservice program that is (the main) part of the lilypond-kde4 package reads the editor to start from the KDE file type preferences.

Ok, I thought one function of lilypond-kde4 was clicking a note in Okular makes the cursor switch to that note in kate... but that doesn't work here.



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