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Re: New LilyPondTool version available for testing

From: Francisco Vila
Subject: Re: New LilyPondTool version available for testing
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 15:36:12 +0100

2008/12/18 Bertalan Fodor (LilyPondTool) <address@hidden>:
>> Most popup windows do not have a suitable default width.
> Which?

Did I say "most"? no, I meant "one or two" and not your fault. Sorry!

Document Setup Wizard -> insufficient height
Page layout -> this dialog is excessively tall for my 1280x800 screen
under GNOME
Project Viewer (not a part of lilypondtool?) unusable as default, too narrow

Other issues are:
Score->skip multimeause rests gives BeanShell error on clicking Cancel
Same for Development-> Document template wizard; ESC key should be
innocuous I think.
Same for Template wizard dialog

Docking menu item gives BeanShell error directly

Dialog to improve midi2ly output opens again when closed with escape
key or the [x] closing button

Keep on with the good work!
Francisco Vila. Badajoz (Spain)

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