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LilyPond Grand Organization Project: ongoing jobs

From: Graham Percival
Subject: LilyPond Grand Organization Project: ongoing jobs
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2009 01:40:09 -0800
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Project website:
(includes these emails)

     LilyPond GOP - Ongoing jobs

Although GOP is a short-term project, the main goal is to train
more people to handle ongoing jobs. The more people doing these
jobs, the ligher the work will be, and the more we can get done
with lilypond!

Jobs for normal users

    LilyPond is sometimes critized for not listening to users, but
whenever we ask for opinions about specific issues, we never get
enough feedback.
    I propose to create a lilypond-consultants mailist. This will
be a relatively low-volume list for developers to ask for feedback
about proposed changes (names for new commands, new doc pages,

*lilypond-user support
    I think it would be nice if we had an official team of users
helping other users. Some people think it would be nice if I
stopped being sarcastic to newbies.
    This strikes me as the ideal opportunity for a trade. If we
get six or more non-developers signing up to be official
lilypond-user helpers, I'll stop answering newbie emails. Sounds
like a win-win-win situation! 

*LilyPond Report (run by Valentin Villenave)
    The LilyPond Report, our newsletter, will return in a weekly
format. Of course, producing a weekly newsletter takes a lot of
work; Valentin could use all the help he can get for this task.

*Regression test checker
    Every time there is a new release, the regression tests need
to be checked to see if anything broke. 

    Keeping the documentation translations is a monumental task;
we need all the help we can get! 

Jobs for advanced users or developers

*Git help for writers
    We often receive reports of typos and minor text updates to
the documentation. It would be great if somebody could create
properly-formatted patches for these corrections.
    Technical requirements: knowledge of git, or at least
willingness to learn git. Git is available on windows as well as
OSX and Linux. 

*LSR editor
    LSR contains many useful examples of lilypond, but some
snippets are out of date and need updating. Other snippets need to
be advertized, and new snippets need to be sorted. We could use
another person to handle LSR.
    Technical requirements: use of a web browser. LilyPond
requirements: you should be familiar with most of NR 1+2 (or be
willing to read the docs to find out). 

*Join the Frogs! (run by Carl Sorensen)
    No, this isn't my new name for the French translation team. :)
"Frogs" will be a team of bug-fixers (because frogs eat bugs, and
you often find them in Ponds of Lilies). We've gotten relatively
good about new bug reports -- maybe 1/3 of new reports result in a
patch within a week or two. However, there's still a backlog of
over 200 bugs.
    The idea behind Frogs is simple: each person will fix an
average of one bug per month. You can either fix an existing bug,
or report a new bug and fix it. We won't quibble over the severity
of the bug; if a new Frog (Tadpole? ;) is only comfortable fixing
"program errors" or similar false warning messages, those will
still count towards his "1 bug per month" average. If you feel
skilled and ambitious, go ahead and fix the dreaded #34. :)
    New Frogs will send patches to the FrogMeister for approval;
he will ensure that there's no obvious mistakes (both logic and
code style) before they create a codereview.appspot issue for
review from -devel as a whole. He will also serve as a mentor to
inexperienced developers who may feel shy about sending unreviewed
patches to -devel directly. 

- Graham

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