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Re: Insert new pitches

From: lucifree
Subject: Re: Insert new pitches
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2009 14:53:10 +0100
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Well in fact, i already have a base .ly that i include in all my finals .ly . This is inside this common .ly that i have copied the drumPitchNames .

But still this doesn't seem for me very clean to have to do that. I'd like a way to add content to a definition structure rather than copy it. Maybe that's simply not possible to do this with the language used by lilypond.


You can create your own "" file as described in the Learning Manual here:

Then you just have to put \include "" at the top of your documents.

I like to put the definitions file in my $HOME directory because I found that if I put it in the directory with the other lilypond program files it kept getting deleted when I upgraded lilypond. If you put it in the home directory, be sure to include the home directory in your lilypond command:

lilypond --include=$HOME

This is the command on Linux anyway. I don't recall which OS you're using. You'll have to adjust if you're on Mac or Windows (actually I have no idea how to do this on Windows...)


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