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Re: utf-8 characters

From: James E. Bailey
Subject: Re: utf-8 characters
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 13:19:24 +0100

Am 25.01.2009 um 10:38 schrieb Hans Aberg:

On 24 Jan 2009, at 12:35, Ole Schmidt wrote:

when I choose in the preferences "show invisible characters", my file look like this:
<Bild 1.jpg>

it seems like a copy & paste promblem from my mail-client (Apple "Mail"). Does anyone know how to fix this?

What editor did you use - it is showing probably newlines, tabs and spaces. So what is the problem?

One way to make a LilyPond file is to copy the text in Mail, then go to Terminal and type
  cat >
Then paste and end with ^D (<control>-D). This creates a file

It works fine with the Xcode editor, too. In it, the menu View -> Text can be used to change line endings and character encodings.

Out of curiosity, do you know a way to stop apple mail from converting >> at the beginning of a line to two levels of quoted text? So,

can be copied properly

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