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Re: Lilypond SVG output in 2.12.1

From: Vivian Barty-Taylor
Subject: Re: Lilypond SVG output in 2.12.1
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 14:14:01 +0100

I figured out what I'd done as I was going to sleep last night - funny how these things come to you! I'd failed to update the font file in .fonts so the files were still those of the last Lilypond release I was using - i.e. 2.10.33. Done this now, and it's working so no need for hexadecimal corrections. The original sed script still fixes the file.

All the best,


Op Feb 4, 2009, om 2:15 AM heeft Benjamin Esham het volgende geschreven:

Vivian Barty-Taylor wrote:

I've had a look at making this correction using a sed script, but can't find anything in the documentation relating to the handling of hexadecimal numbers. Does anyone have any ideas, before I write a script manually correcting each grob? Does anyone know where the SVG output is generated and in what language? I might be able to fiddle with the source code too, as it seems to be quite a straightforward adjustment.

Hi Vivian,

I'm not sure about sed, but this would probably be trivial in (g) awk. Are you familiar with that language at all?

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