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re: fedora font-name="xx"

From: corallina
Subject: re: fedora font-name="xx"
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 08:19:16 -0800

Thanks Trevor for the reply.  I did find the command to list the
available fonts in /usr/share/fonts

But the listed names are not what one needs to specify in font-name="xyz"
On fedora one needs to inspect the xml files in /etc/fonts/fonts.d

The Sazanami Mincho font is thinner and to my eye more elegant.  VL
Gothic seems to be a default across systems though and is perhaps
easier to read at different font sizes which might explain its default

If it should interest anyone, I am converting some scores originally
input using finale and the typesetter provided output files in a
variety of formats including musicxml, which seems to be a third party
addon to finale.

I used the musicxml2ly  script on the xml files and am now inspecting
the resulting lilypond output.

A.  Simple one line melodies work well.

B.  At least one score with katakana lyrics and a single line melody
had numerous omissions and spacing errors in the lyrics.  I dont read
katakana but since a character occurred on a rest in the original
score and ly doesn't cooperate with that it sent up a flag.  In this
case the original score has an error so we can't complain about the
xml file containing the same error.

C.  Piano staff with dynamics are a mess.  I don't know if the problem
is in the xml files or the way the script handles it but the generated
scores have duplicate lines of dynamics on the staff.  Also perhaps
because of all the generated errors no page breaks were created

D.  Scores with text markup are not handled well. In one case I had to
go to the xml files to remove the offending text. Even minimal markup
was not consistent. Again I can't be sure if the script is the problem
or if something is wrong in the xml files.

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