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Re: Repeat in the middle of a measure

From: Michael Lauer
Subject: Re: Repeat in the middle of a measure
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 23:40:43 +0000 (UTC)
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Tim Slattery <Slattery_T <at>> writes:

> There are four voice parts, the \repeat volta 2 is in each one at the
> same place. I cannot figure out where the extra begin-repeat comes
> from.
> Here are the four voice parts, if that's not enough, I'll send more.
> The entire file is 105 lines long.

Do you have a "global" section in each voice with inconsistent repeats?
There still isn't enough information to tell what the problem is...

You can get what (I think) you originally wanted by
 - just putting the repeats where you want them
 - overriding the bar lines at the beginning and end of the repeats
   (the first one's easy, the second a bit obscure)
 - using \partial to reset the count.

The end of your soprano part might look like this:
    e4 g8 d4 g8 | 
    \bar ":"
    \repeat volta 2 {
        r8 g'8 | 
        c4 g8 g4 b8 |
        c4 d8 e4 c8 | 
        f4 d8 e4 c8 | 
        b2 r8 e8 | 
        c4 a8 g4 g8 | 
        a4 f8 f4 d8 |
        e4 c8 g'4 b,8 |
    } \alternative { 
            \partial 8*4 <<e2 c2>> 
            \once \override Staff.BarLine #'glyph-name = "|"
        { \partial 8*6 <<e2. c2.>> } 

Hope this helps--

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