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Re: glissando up from no note to a note

From: Brett Duncan
Subject: Re: glissando up from no note to a note
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 14:59:46 +1100
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Chip wrote:
Robin Bannister wrote:
Chip wrote:
it just resulted in messed up measures

A judicious use of time distortion may help you here.

\transpose c c'{
 \hideNotes g,32\glissando \unHideNotes c'4*7/8  c'4 c'4 r4 |
 \hideNotes c''32\glissando \unHideNotes c'4*7/8  c'4 c'4 r4 |
 a1*3/4\fermata \hideNotes d'4\glissando \unHideNotes |
 ees8->[ c8]-> r4 r2 |

And then patiently adjust padding and minimum-length ...

Been experimenting with the code found in the snippets library and seems that where ever I put the \cadenzaOff I get different, incorrect results. Sometimes the first eight note turns into a quarter note, sometimes it's an eight note, but always the measure and the one that follows are all one measure. I've pasted the code to the work in progress below.

Is there a particular reason for having the cadenza, as opposed to using code like that provided by Robin?

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