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Re: Persian fonts

From: patrick duka
Subject: Re: Persian fonts
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 23:12:06 +0100

Ok, after trying both ways separately, 

1: putting Pertout's 2 fonts files in MacintoshHD/Library/fonts: it works fine

2: When I put them in the same folder as the file (in Lilypond's ly folder), I get the same incorrect glyphs as mentionned earlier.

Thanks again.

2009/3/15 patrick duka <address@hidden>
It works! Yoohoooo!!
It was just a matter of placing Pertout's 2 font files in the right folder... 
Thanks a lot Hans, Valentin for your precious help, and Kees and Benham and everyone!


2009/3/15 patrick duka <address@hidden>
ok, going for it

2009/3/15 Hans Aberg <address@hidden>
[Please keep the cc to the mailing list, so that others can follow.]

On 15 Mar 2009, at 21:04, patrick duka wrote:

Hi everybody, need help with the Persian sori and koron glyphs. Here is a detailed description of what I tried

I am on macosx10.4.11
I went to Anrian Pertout's website, downloaded the "True Type fonts in zip archive fomat: 'Microtonal Font' " ( ) put it in macintosh hd/system/library/fonts

You should never alter /System/ - it's for the System installation. It should be put into /Library/Fonts/. It will end up there is installed using the Font Book located in /Applications/Utilities/; drop the font onto the "Computer" icon inside this program. The font you need, I recall is the second, don't recall its name, but you can just as well install both.





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